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Her Story

• Kristian W.

Emily came into my home on Thanksgiving of 2019 and the beginning of COVID 19. She adjusted well to apartment living and having a younger dog around and enjoyed her retirement from breeding and showing. She has this goofy lick when she greets people or even randomly to the air. Due to the pandemic at the time, I had a significant reduction in work resulting in minimal income. I was blessed to ride the wave but had no opportunity to build my savings account back up. On May 12, 2022, I took Emily to the vet after she had not eaten for three days. After initial tests and examination, the vet determined that Emily would need surgery for an unknown cause. The cost would be between $3000 and $4500 in total. I was in no position to pay this. Thanks to God, I was able to find assistance to cover the cost, and now I am asking for any donations to help pay the generous individual back. I have attached a photo of Emily post-surgery and recovering at home to show what a lovely dog she is, and she has many years ahead of her. Support her today!

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